December Meeting Focuses on Issues and Bylaws


At the December 9 meeting nomination for offices continued and committees were formed to address the major challenges confronting Newberry-Harvard including the landspreading of sludge, billboards along interstate 40, water, and blight. Solar issues were discussed but formation of a committee to address those issues was postponed to the next meeting. Seeing that there is currently a rumor? circulating that a major central solar photovoltaic facility has been approved just West of Minneola in Daggett, the discussion at the next meeting may involve more solar than much of anything else.

November 11, 2017 Meeting a Success

Our Association met at 10 a.m. last Saturday at the Newberry Senior/Family Center, there being a lively discussion about the attempted dissolution of our Association early this year, followed by information regarding our current status, the need to conscientiously fulfill all the requirements of a non-profit, to get back to the basics of our Association, that is to support issues that can have a positive benefit for our members, to oppose those are perceived to have a detrimental effect, while ignoring those special interests that promise material support of our Association in exchange for less opposition to questionable projects that hurt our community, realizing of course that support for any Association position is dependent on the approval of at least a majority of meeting attendees, members in good standing.