Four-Ten Hearing Postponed

November 6 - Much to the chagrin of about a hundred proponent attendees, the vote on Policy 4.10 of the Renewable Energy Conservation Element, which has the potential for protecting communities from unwanted utility scale development in close proximity to rural residential areas, was summarily postponed by a unanimous vote of the four supervisors present, James Ramos absence obviously related to his campaign for the State Assembly. The risible reason for the postponement was that there should be five supervisors present for such a momentous decision.

When we first entered the chambers the layout looked a little strange. At least twenty-five percent of the seating had been reserved for county bureaucrats although one would definitely wonder why. The reserved seating of course made the attendance standing room only for numbers of the supporters of Policy 4.10 some of whom were elderly.

 Four-ten attendees, for and against, were very alert listening first for the proposed modifications to the agenda, the concern of those attendees being agenda item 79 calling for a vote on whether that policy item should be included in the County General Plan, a policy item vehemently opposed by both trade unions and utility scale developers hoping to exploit the rural Mojave. An almost audible sense of relief occured when item 79 was not tabled just then.

After the usual compliments to various county bureaucrats for doing the job that they are being paid for, the supervisors astonishingly postponed the consideration of 4.10 until they have all five supervisors present for a vote, which one would assume from the comment of Lovingood will take place in the month of December, but not necessarily.

The county supervisors owe an apology to the meeting attendees, and an interesting ‘swamp’ comment on the supervisors’ actions by Linda Gommel of Lucerne Valley can be found in the Victorville Daily Press.