March Meeting Scheduled


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The NHPOA March meeting will feature a replay of the February 13th County Supervisor meeting where fourteen individuals and members of various organizations exoressed their opposition to several renewable energy projectss as well as their support for the reinsertion of language arbitrarily removed from the Renewable Energy Conservation Element (RECE),  that would help to prevent substantial damage to our desert from massive planned solar and wind projects.

 The RECE is a document, compiled by the county from both public and agency input, the contents of which was to be incorporated into the County General Plan, but was returned to the County Planning Commission in August of 2017 because of vehement objections from developers and unions to the provisions prohibiting such projects in rural living (RL) areas, and certain provisions' emphasis on the protection of desert flora and fauna seen to be a major impediment to renewable energy project development.

The replay will be done on a large screen with short intermissions for public comments that might help to solidify current opinion here in Silver Valley against two projects planned for Silver Valley, on about five thousand acres, where there will be substantial impact, especially in our rural living areas.