Route 66 Military Convoy Stops in Newberry

October 11, 2017 – On Wednesday American Legion Post 751 was honored with a visit by the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) Route 66 Convoy. Over fifty vehicles of the four to umpteen wheel variety were part of that convoy, from jeeps even to one of what we ex-military used to call cattle cars.


Some of the them were from as far away as New Zealand in the mid-Pacific evidenced by the Union Jack flying from their own vehicles, and a couple as close as our own Newberry Springs, the MVPA being an international organization.

Talking with some of the participants revealed the true international nature of the convoy, one of whom was a Belgian living in the South of France who spent much of his own military career training troops in the Belgian Congo.

The convoy started from the Chicago-Pontiac Illinois area on September 16th, traveling route 66 through both familiar and unfamiliar towns along the way, through Branson, MO - Amarillo, TX - Santa Fe, NM – Kingman, AZ before visiting Newberry, then heading down Route 66 to Barstow and San Bernardino on the way to end of their route in Santa Monica on October 14th.

The convoy did not fail to have its challenges along the way, near the beginning having to to replace engine bearings in one of the vehicles, and on the route having to replace an engine in another, another participant noting that, fortunately, there was no lack of mechanical expertise in their group which would seem reasonable given the advanced age of their very special charges, the vehicles ages ranging from the nineteen thirties to the mid seventies according to another participant, or vehicles from WWII through the Vietnam war.

The convoyees enjoyed themselves with food and drink provided by American Legion Post for a short period of time before heading into Barstow for a welcome day of rest, the visit being a real treat, especially for those of us older ex-military folks.