December 17, 2017 - American Legion Post 751 held their annual Childrens Christmas Party fun for dozens of valley kids. Festivities started with fascinating performances by Jim and Alicia Deal including face-painting, balloon twisting, games, and feats of legerdemain, enthusiastic participation by the youngsters, and generous applause from friends and family.

After the “Dealightful” entertainment Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived in the Newberry Fire Departments shiny white fire truck to distribute the many Christmas presents generously donated by many local contributors.

 Our sincere thanks to the Legion participants who so freely donated their time to make it a memorable Christmas for so many children here in our valley.


Elves have been busy
Lots of goodies for good girls and boys
Sweets from the sweet
Christmas Candy
Packed house
Parents, family, kids
Setting up
Ready to wow 'em!
Look, no hands!
Pay attention now!
The old Indian rope trick
Pull hard now!
Wanna see somthin' neat?
Wah, ha, ha
I'll wear it then
Hey, Santa's here!
Just came from a fire?
OK, who's next?
You are, that's who!
Happy to help
Santa and elves