Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to be a property owner to become a member?

A: No. You can become an Associate member if you would like. Visit the Join Us page to become an Associate.

Q: Do you have to be at a meeting to comment/vote on issues?

A: No. You can, as property owner, not as an associate, vote on issues via email, phone, snail mail, etc.. Both property owners and associate members are encouraged to comment on issues via the same media.That is why we encourage members to submit their email addresses upon joining the Association. Of course member emails are never shared with other entities outside our Association.

Q: Does the NHPOA enforce housing/property standards?

A: No! As an NGO, the Association does not have any authority, and usually no desire, to enforce standards. We do however submit queries and position statements to local governmental authorities when we are concerned about issues affecting our members and the community as a whole.

Q: What sort of educational opportunities are available in your area?

A: Our rural community, although having limited opportunities for higher education, does have several very good elementary and secondary schools. 

Barstow Community College does offer advanced educational opportunities in a variety of disciplines, and is associated with other remote tertiary institutions.

Q: What sort of recreational activities are available in your area?

A: There are a large number of recreational opportunities available in the Newberry Springs area. We offer a variety of swimming, water skiing, fishing, shooting, hiking and motorcycling opportunities, just to name a few.

Q: What about local government?

A: Our rural areas are coordinated in a very limited fashion locally by what are called Community Service Districts or CSDs. These California State agencies plan for and organize a variety of local functions including volunteer fire departments, water districts, street lighting, and community centers parks and recreation. Each CSD has five directors that are publicly elected by the members of their various districts. In our local area of Silver Valley, those individual districts within our Silver Valley are identified as the Newberry CSD, the Yermo CSD, and the Daggett CSD. Local Silver Valley School Board directors oversee our local elementary and secondary schools in all of Silver Valley and the Fort Irwin military base.