Association Letter Disregarded


If there was any doubt that small water users are really considered unter menschen by government agencies like the Mojave Water Agency, that doubt evaporated with the publication of Watermaster’s Lodging of Letters Received from Parties from the Baja Subarea Related to Status Conference of October 12, 2018”, our Association letter being conspicuously missing from that document.



Local Mini-Sahara Moved

7/25/2018 - This week contractors removed much of the sand that was mounding, not only on Mountain View Road, but on residences directly opposite the Stace solar facility, one of which was being progressively buried by that sand. There had been a warning notice from San Bernardino County Code Enforcement to the owner of the facility to clean up that errant sand some months ago, threatening civil or criminal prosecution, but it still took some months for the owner to respond to that warning.


MWA Approves Five Percent Ramp-down

February 28, 2018 – The Mojave Water Agency in its role as Watermaster voted, on a thin four to three majority, to continue to ramp down water usage in our valley by major water users subject to the 1996 water judgment, Directors Lowry, Cox, and Ventura voting against the ramp-down. The ramp-down reduces the base annual water allotment to each major water user to thirty-five percent of their usage prior to that 1996 judgment.


Sludge Dumping Plot Thickens

May 17, 2018 – A call to our Association yesterday from Mr. Jason Phillipe of San Bernardino Environmental Health indicated that any action to implement land-spreading changes to the County Code will be delayed until the impact of SB1383 provisions have been considered. The bill was passed in September of 2016, and although it is supposed to reduce dairy methane emissions it could also have implications related to the dumping of methane containing elements of sewage sludge as well. 


Communities Protest Solar Projects

Many high desert residents, both private individuals and organization members commented at the February 13th County Supervisors meeting protesting a number of solar projects having pending applications with County Land Use Services in Lucerne Valley, Daggett, and Newberry Springs as well as the removal from the Renewable Energy and Conservation Element (RECE) adopted in August of 2017 of Policy 4.1, and the failure so far of the county to integrate the RECE into the County General Plan.