Needless to say, water is perhaps the most important element in a decision to make your home, or start a farm or business in the desert. As the venerable Mark Twain put it, "Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over."

There are many opinions on how the water supply should be handled here. Homeowners have one opinion, farmers another, and various businesses yet other opinions. But all of us seem to agree on one point; that few of us will survive out here without a reasonable supply of water, and that prudent water management is the key to making a reasonable supply available for the current and future residents of our desert. Issues affecting our water supply are subjects of continuous and occasionally hostile debate.

The Mojave Water Agency, elected officials charged with managing water supplies and ensuring effective water delivery, are essentially our intermediaries with various other government agencies and the courts when it comes to water issues. Some of the water adjudications in Mojave County have adversely affected businesses and farming located here, and there are ongoing appeals by affected parties in protest against what are viewed as arbitrary court judgements that have effectively limited local water rights. There are also fears by residents, currently unaffected by adjudication, that limitations on water rights, and metering requirements, will also be extended to "minimal producers" or small property owners who don't ordinarily use large quantities of water, and can little afford the heavy, expensive burden of not only having to both pump their own water, but to pay on a per gallon basis, for the water that they do pump.

The Baja Subarea Advisory Council are the agency-elected representatives that interface between the Baja Subarea, roughly composed of Fort Irwin, Yermo, Daggett, and Newberry Springs and the Mojave Water Agency. This council currently consists of five representatives from the Silver Valley area.


Baja Sub-Area meetings are held on an ad hoc basis. Meetings to be announced.

Meetings of the Mojave Water Agency are held at 13846 Conference Center Drive, Apple Valley, CA, 92307. Meeting dates and time can be accessed here.


Baja Water Sustainability Plan
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
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