November 11, 2017 Meeting a Success

Our Association met at 10 a.m. last Saturday at the Newberry Senior/Family Center, there being a lively discussion about the attempted dissolution of our Association early this year, followed by information regarding our current status, the need to conscientiously fulfill all the requirements of a non-profit, to get back to the basics of our Association, that is to support issues that can have a positive benefit for our members, to oppose those are perceived to have a detrimental effect, while ignoring those special interests that promise material support of our Association in exchange for less opposition to questionable projects that hurt our community, realizing of course that support for any Association position is dependent on the approval of at least a majority of meeting attendees, members in good standing.


Issues that were mentioned as having negative effects on our members and the community in general included the proliferation of freeway signs, dumping of sludge, illegal cultivations that not only contribute to crime in our area, but exacerbate the already dangerous state of our water aquifer, solar projects immediately adjacent to residential areas or even visible from them that destroy our beautiful vista and contribute to soil deterioration, and the blight introduced in communities by inappropriately located commercial and special purpose sites.

Current organizational activities were discussed including the revamping of the web site, the change of the meeting times to noon on the second Saturday of each month, the refurbishing of the bulletin boards at the post office and the Senior/Family center, the need to restore the Association bank account, and the mailing of renewal applications to former out-of-town members.

A letter was signed by all but one of the attendees asking for the return of our funds acquired by the Newberry Springs Economic Development Association (NSEDA) and the return of all records of the organization in the possession of the former members of our Executive Board.

Members attending the meeting were generous in contributing to the annual Childrens Christmas Party sponsored by American Legion Post 751.

Bob Vasseur volunteered for and was approved as President Pro Tem of the Association, and Linda deLuca the Association Secretary, this being a necessary preliminary to restoring the Association Bank Account.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m. by Bob Vasseur with a closing comment thanking all the attendees for their attendance and vowing to make 2018 a banner year for our Association.