Association Letter Disregarded


If there was any doubt that small water users are really considered unter menschen by government agencies like the Mojave Water Agency, that doubt evaporated with the publication of Watermaster’s Lodging of Letters Received from Parties from the Baja Subarea Related to Status Conference of October 12, 2018”, our Association letter being conspicuously missing from that document.



That letter, sent to the Watermaster before the deadline for such communication, enunciated the concerns of small water users, the majority of members of our Association. The letter supported the court ramp-down of water usage by large users as the only mechanism that thus far has had at least a potentially positive effect on serious water level drops resulting in well failures, consequent property abandonment, and a great deal of anxiety for the less-advantaged in our area.

 The ramp-down is grossly unfair to our area - upstream cannibalization, a result of uncontrolled upstream residential and commercial development and uncontrolled pumping by new local users not subject to the court judgment. Both small and large local users have coaxed, demanded, pled to the courts and the Watermaster (MWA) to take some kind of action for the last thirty plus years with minimal or no effect on our plummeting water table.

In the absence of the ability of local users to convince irresponsible county authorities to do something, ramp-down is the only mechanism both encouraging large, and relatively wealthy local users to take more effective positive steps and, at the same time, helping to assuage the fears of homeowners that they may either lose a years income drilling another well or, being incapable of sustaining such a loss, sell or more likely lose their homes.

Continuing to overdraft the water table with thin promises from profiteers that ‘eventually’ we will get the authorities to give us a fair share shake is sophomoric at best, at the extreme insane, or most likely completely partisan and profit driven by the larger users as an excuse for postponing remediation until Newberry burns to the ground.

See which shows the only two letters accepted by the MWA for the Status Conference of October 12, 2018