The Return of the Countywide Plan 

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On Tuesday September 11, 6 to 8 P.M. at the Newberry Community Center, 30884 Newberry Rd., there will be another Countywide Plan presentation where Newberry Springs residents and businesses can express their opinions on draft plan goals, policies, and actions as well as the proposed new land use maps and other maps/tables related to such things as growth in population, housing, and employment. The Countywide Plan, a fork of the 2010 Countywide Vision continues to be a vision mainly for unincorporated areas like Newberry but can have significant impact on incorporated areas as well.

Past plan meetings have been less than awe-inspiring, but this meeting will present what may be some tangible results from eight long years of spending and rumination. There will be a open house where attendees may jaw with various county reps before and after the presentation. A news article related to the event can be seen in the  Daily Bulletin.

To do homework for the meeting see the web resident land use map or download a pdf version. Most maps and tables must be zoomed to be legible, typical for documents of this type. The pdf download is pretty, but of little use since you cannot inspect individual areas and identify land use designations. At any rate on either map you have to do a lot of zooming to get any detail. On the web resident land use map you can zoom in any area for a lot of detail.

See the county Growth Forecast maps and tables for county population, housing, and employment predictions.

With recent announcements that our valley has been chosen for what can be dangerous utility scale solar development, it is a good idea for residents to bone up on the contents of the documents to be presented, as they may  not be as beneficial as local government would have us to believe.

For comparison of draft vs. the current Development Code you can inspect the existing land use maps for Newberry Springs :