Property Owners Association Takes a Stand

January 20, 2018 - Our association is in favor of a lot of things, but in order to get and preserve the good things, you’ve got to oppose the bad ones. At the January Property Owners meeting it was decided to take opposing positions in three areas and a supporting position on the elimination or alleviation of sewage sludge landspreading.


The NHPOA has written letters of support to County Supervisors expressing support for a proposed change in county landspreading provisions that will substantially limit landspreading of sewage sludge in our area.


There is currently an open request with County Planning for a permit to build massive solar photovoltaic installations in both Daggett and Newberry. Most of the installations are in the area West of Minneola beginning about one half mile east of Daggett all the way to Minneola Road, perhaps completely surrounding Barstow-Daggett airport. These installations, although always objectionable in some fashion are, in a way, only replacing previous solar installations that were sited there, one central receiver facility and one parabolic trough facility, both of which have long since been abandoned.

 But, to the NHPOA, the massive project north and east of Wildhorse Road near Dogwood, just off Minneola appears to be just another steamrolling of property rights in Newberry similar to the travesty on Mountain View Road in Newberry where local residents fought unsuccessfully for years to keep the monstrosity out of a residential area.

County Development Code

Provisions recently added to the County Development Code may severely limit the issuance of building permits and in unincorporated areas with limited road access. Property rights may be severely limited by the Code 84.21.030 (j) if the owner of the property does not have legal access as defined by that code.

The NHPOA feels that this code is a gross violation of property rights in umicorporated areas.

Road Signs

There has been a recent proliferation of road signs in the Newberry-Harvard area on both I15 and I40. The NHPOA maintains that these signs are of questionable legality and only contribute to the ongoing worsening of blight conditions in our area, and should be opposed by Newberry-Harvard residents despite substantial sign company contributions to local business oriented civic organizations.